HATCH Brand Lighting Products

Hatch Lighting Products. 

Electronic HID Ballasts      Hatch Brand Electronic HID Ballast Ballasts

Electronic Transformers        Hatch Electronic Transformer Hatch low voltage transformers have been engineered and perfected over three decades to provide industry leading reliability and flexibility for all your lighting needs.

Fluorescent Ballasts         Hatch Fluorescent Ballast Ballasts Hatch offers a full line of Fluorescent Ballasts for Compact and Linear applications.

Magnetic HID Ballasts       Hatch Magnetic HID Ballast Ballasts The Hatch G Series magnetic HID ballasts provide unmatched quality and reliability for lighting applications

LED Drivers                       Hatch LED Driver Drivers LED Drivers  Hatch is proud to introduce a full line of LED Drivers to service the ever-expanding market for LED lighting applications

Fluorescent Lamps           Hatch Fluorescent Lamp Lamps Light Lights Lighting Hatch fluorescent lamps have been designed and manufactured to precise specifications in Germany to ensure the highest quality and best performance in the industry.